The postpartum period is unique.  You have just accomplished something truly amazing by bringing a tiny human into the world!  But it's not all love and moonbeams...  It is also very intense.  There are lots of emotions, uncertainty, and stress associated with this period of adjustment.  I mean, it is called the "fourth trimester" for a reason.  

Newborns are a lot of work.  

Wouldn't it be nice if there were someone who could help?  Help with baby care?  Help with home care?  Help in getting baby (and everyone else) more sleep?  Help in answering your questions and responding to your concerns about what is and is not normal baby behavior?  And, perhaps most importantly, help making sure YOU are cared for as well?  

Help is out there: it comes in the form of a postpartum doula!

With both daytime and overnight support available, we will find a support schedule that meets your family's needs.  Kirsten's goal is to leave all of her postpartum clients feeling confident, more well-rested, and with the knowledge that they do not have to do anything alone.  

Contact Kirsten today to get on the postpartum support schedule!  

Having a postpartum doula is a bit like having a fairy godmother. She flies in, reassures you that everything is going to be just fine, that you are doing things *just right.* She helps with whatever needs help, fixes whatever needs fixing, and calls in the reinforcements when needed. Then, poof!, her work is done.
— Kirsten Ludwig