The top 10 reasons to only have one child.

If you already have one child, you may be finding yourself facing a constant barrage of questions that go something like this:

"When will you have another?"

"Don't you want little Susie to have a brother or sister?"

"Aren't you worried he will be spoiled if he never has to learn to share with a sibling?"

The case for siblings.  

I am not sure why so many people feel a need to push their agenda on you to have more children, but it certainly is common.  If you are facing this dilemma in your mind, consider this: there are lots of good reasons to only have one child.  

10.  The financial savings alone.  Whoa.  Kids are expensive!  Did you know?  Think diapers. Food. Clothing. Toys. Sports and activities. School. Weddings?!  

9.  You don't have to contemplate buying two of every toy to avoid fights.  BUT... let's be real here, your only child will have plenty of opportunities to learn to share.  Contrary to what you have likely heard, not every only child is spoiled and selfish.  Some of them may be, but the kid with five siblings may be as well.  You will also likely have less *stuff* in general.  Less gear in the garage, less toys in the house, less shoes piled by the closet door instead of IN the closet where they belong.

8.  Only one extra set of meals to prepare and approximately 1,239 less snacks a day.  Seriously, kids snack all. day. long.  Less time in the kitchen would mean more time for everything else!  And this extends to less time doing dishes and grocery shopping too--a triple whammy! 

7.  Faster bedtime routine means you get to "Netflix and chill" earlier.  Or really just Netflix and chill.  Or invest some time in a hobby you enjoy.  FREE time.  What a concept.

6.  Less guilt about not spending enough time with your kiddo.  Parenting is about balance and that is always hard to achieve, but it's even harder when you have multiple kids.  To make sure that everyone is getting the attention that they need and deserve, including yourself, is a real struggle.  With only one child, you will get plenty of one-on-one time with them.

5.  More opportunities for date nights!  It's much easier to handoff one kid for a night to reconnect with your partner than two or three (or more).  

4.  Less laundry.  Laundry is already a never-ending chore--lighten your loads a bit.

3.  Easier visual tracking.  It is much easier to keep eyeballs on one little person when you are out and about.  Think about shopping trips, days at the park, and vacations.  Have you tried going alone to the zoo with two (or more) mobile kids before?  With one child, you may be more willing to be adventurous and travel.  

2.  Friends make great family.  Just because your kiddos won't have aunts and uncles by blood, doesn't mean they cannot have aunts and uncles by choice.  Besides, sometimes the family we choose are more cherished.   

1.  You and your partner are content with your family of three.  It's your family.  You get to decide.

To be clear, #1 is the only reason that matters. 

The barrage of outside opinions aside, this is a huge decision.  Do not allow anyone else's voice to pressure you.  I know this can be a stressful choice and one that you may have lots of feelings about, including guilt. But YOU are the one that will be responsible for that child.  Physically, mentally, emotionally, and financially.  It is a complicated decision and only you know what is best for your family.  Only children can be awesome. 

Written by: Kirsten