Congratulations on your pregnancy!  

We realize that this is an extremely exciting time in your life and Northwest Suburban Doula is honored to serve you as you prepare to welcome a new member of your family.  As thrilling as it is, the pregnancy and the postpartum period can be also be very stressful.  Rest assured that you can rely on Kirsten to be there to answer any and all questions that may arise.  


We will navigate this period together!  


Northwest Suburban's professional labor and postpartum services will support you from early on in your pregnancy, all the way through your first months at home with a newborn.  Kirsten is a trained, professional doula who will be available to address any questions or concerns.  She will be by your side while you labor and as you welcome your new baby to the family.  She will help you unravel the mysteries of life with a newborn and adjust to your new normal with postpartum support.  


We are honored to serve you during this most exciting time of your life.  Let us know how we can help you today.